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Top 10 Best Astrologers in India – Nowadays, people are going through a difficult condition in their lives and are frequently having issues regarding their career, relationship issues, financial concerns, education, health, and various other factors directly related to their lives. When there is a time when the native just give up on their problems as they are not getting any positive results in their favor then astrological Remedies and recommendations come to the rescue and present a new path in the native life. Read more

How to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology

How to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology – Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world a person can experience as it combines two hearts and joins them for a life in the union. But sometimes any difference or the third person getting in this relationship can break that beautiful bond dramatically. If you are also fighting the same kind of situation that is not letting you have a happy and peaceful life with your partner then seek answers in love astrology and get in touch with renowned love astrologer, Rajesh Kumar Sharma. Read more

Vedic Astrologer in Jaipur

Vedic Astrologer in Jaipur – Our mind and heart indeed rule our lives. But, it is not the entire truth as the invisible ruler of our activities is divine bodies. It is shocking fact for those who are not knowledgeable about Vedic Astrology horoscopes. Hindu or Vedic astrology represents the right location of the planet is anyone’s birth chart that is the chief reason behind all your efforts and all the occurrences of your life. Vedic Astrologer in Jaipur, Astrologer Rajendra Sharma says that our horoscope plants and houses have the power to control our life according to their preference but Vedic Astrology also has the power to predict a native future and provide the solutions that may occur in the future. Read more

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How to Save your Marriage by Astrology –Marriage is a solid relationship between two people. Every person demands a passionate life partner who eternally wants to stay with them and wants to love every moment of their life together. Some year of marriage works with loving memories and smooth times. We don’t desire to lose this experience ever in our life But after some years of marriage, the most asked questions arose which is how to save marriage due to constant disagreements and disputes between the couple. Read more

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth – Marriage is much more past the usually recognized culturally encouraged arrangement in which a couple blows to spend the rest of their lives together. Marriage is known as the holy matrimony of two souls that promise to stand by each other’s side throughout all times in their lives having unlimited love and pure loyalty for each other in their hearts. Read more

What is the Rahu Dosha and Its Remedies

What is the Rahu Dosha and Its Remedies – The word Rahu Dosha is made of two terms which are Rahu and Dosha. Rahu being the hidden planet (Ascending Node in Western astrology) and Dosha means weaknesses thus having Rahu Dosha in your birth chart is considered as a fault. There are many “Dosha” explained in Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. Having a Rahu Dosha in a native Kundli does not acknowledge as a good thing as it is known the harsh reality created by Rahu in a person living as a simple explanation.

Rahu is one of the nine planets in Vedic Astrology and plays a very important role in native life as this planet holds the power to create a great dispute in their life. Whenever, Rahu and Moon are conjoined, joining or separating to the nearby house or zodiac sign, aspect each other; whether there is any or no benefic feature or power from Jupiter to Moon. This is named Rahu Dasha in a person’s life.


In Vedic astrology, the horoscope of a person has broken into to12 parts. Each part implies one phase of life like love, marriage, job, and business, etc. They are named as ‘Houses’ and they are controlled by their ‘Lords’. These houses dominate one’s life and have the power to control a native according to their preference. Also, planets sit on them and determine the improvement of the native.

In Astrology, Rahu is an inauspicious planet which means unlucky Planet and it makes the native feel anxiety, disappointment, and uncertainty in their life. Also, having Rahu in the person 7th house of the horoscope will generate obstacles in relationships and the married life of the native. Its impact is so powerful that every planet is influenced by it.


Every planet meets an unconventional effect of Rahu in their Kundli. One thing also necessitates being examined here is that Rahu does not bring bad karma to every house or person. Some houses are granted with great success by their position.

Here are the effects of Rahu on every planet:

  • 1st House: It creates conflicts and arguments between the couple and can cause major disputes between them.
  • 2nd House: Having Rahu in the 2nd house means the native will have a healthy married life.
  • 3rd House: The native goes through a difficult time in their life.
  • 4th House: The women will face many issues in conserving as well as will have a difficult pregnancy period.
  • 5th House: The wife may have obstacles during her pregnancy and many other health problems that can cause a major setback in their life.
  • 6th House: It does not change anything having the Rahu in the 6th house very much.
  • 7th House: It means the person will have an early marriage.
  • 8th House: Constant Conflict amongst the person’s family members.
  • 9th House: Physical and mental problems may occur to the native which will lead to negative feelings and thoughts.
  • 10th House: The native will have to focus on their mothers as they can suffering from any major illness.
  • 11th House: This situation negatively influences the relationship of natives with their dad.
  • 12th House: Brings mental tension and trouble to the native life.


As per Vedic astrology, these are common remedies for Rahu Dasha existing in birth or navamsa chart of a native horoscope according to the placement of Rahu in their planet. These simple Rahu solutions also help to overcome malefic effects encountered during Rahu Mahadasha or antardasha or transit. Any person can do the below-given remedies to change the house position of Rahu to seek blessings & reduce ill effects of Rahu Dasha in Kundli.

Remedies for Rahu Dasha in a native life:

  • Bhairav or Shiva or Chandi pooja to reduce negative influences in Rahu Dasha
  • Keep your main door in the home always tidy and neat, try to clean the gate yourself, make decent lighting around the house, and hang something decorative toran at door.
  • Make a Garland of meduvad and donate it in the temple.
  • Never keep any non-working electronic device and watch in-house as this draws negative powers of Rahu.
  • Wear Good Quality Hessonite (Gomedh) Gemstone under expert’s Astrologer help. Gemstones are also one of the traditional remedies to decrease ill effects in Rahu in charts.
  • Worship Lord Bhairava or lord Shiva to defeat the malefic effect of Rahu in Kundli.
  • Recite the Kalabhairav asthakam, Durga Saptasati, Rahu stotram to reduce unfavorable effects of this dasha from the horoscope
  • Fasting on Saturdays, avoid using any kind of salt during fast will help to decrease problems caused by lord Rahu in life while Dasha or transit in going in native life.
  • Constantly respect poor people never disobedient and harass them.
  • Respect your ancestors in the family particularly your grandfather, make him comfortable, and seek his blessings.
  • Chant the spell of Rahu Beeja Mantra which is “Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah”. Recite this spell 18000 times within 40 days to get an instant release and positive effective from Rahu’s problem.
  • Donate Udad dal, black chana or coconut, to get blessings of Rahu. The natives can also donate black things such as clothes on Saturdays and Wednesdays for more benefits.

Doing above Rahu Mahadasha Remedies will surely provide the grace of Lord Rahu & bring much comfort in problems during Rahu Dasha.

To know more about Rahu Dasha or to know some more effective ways to get rid of this Dasha and to have a happy and successful life. Get in touch with our Vedic Astrologer, Rajendra Kumar is the best horoscope and astrology reader who offer the most reliable services to its clients.

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