Name Correction Numerology

Name Correction Numerology – Numerology is the best method if you want to get to know your proper number in numerology. For the attainment of your correct numerology number, first, you have to get the soul number according to the date of birth. People are bending towards the numerology method as it gives information about the upcoming future obstacles. On top of it, with the help of the right numerology number, you can know easily about your friends and enemies in the group. Therefore, for the utter right name according to your numerology, our master, Rajendra Kumar is here to help you out in the astrological world specifically in the Name Correction Numerology. He is the most famous and recommended one when it comes to the matter of numerology.

Additionally, by changing the name according to the numerology, most of the people not only get the growth but also the success. Moreover, the life of the person gets changes completely, if he corrects his name accordingly. By the name correction in numerology or make the name correction according to the numerology, will not only change your name but also strongly affect your life events. It will modify your correction number, which will alter consequently your soul urge number and Personality Number.Name Correction Numerology


Numerology and Name change or correction Method By Rajendra Kumar

The method of the name according to the numerology is not as hard as it seems to be. All you have to do some calculations, which we are going to tell you easily. To change the name in the way of the numerology, first, you have to count your soul number. We are making it more elaborate with the following method:

 Take exp. for the name Ankush Mehta

 The total of the name become is

A+N+K+U+S+H = 1+5+2+6+3+5 = 22

M+E+H+T+A = 4+5+5+4+1 = 19

22+19 = 41

4+1 = 5

The final number that is called soul number is 5. Here the thing to remember that you must see that your soul number should be lucky for you.

Have a look at the Table of Soul Numbers

Soul Numbers Number Lord Friendly Number Neutral Number Enemy Number
1 Sun 1,2,3,5,6,9 7,4 8
2 Moon 1,6,2 3,5,7 4,8
3 Jupiter 1,3,5,7,9 2,4,8 6
4 Rahu 5,6,7 1,2,3 4,9,8
5 Mercury 1,3,5,6 2,4,7,8,9
6 Venus 1,5,6,4,7 2,8,9 3
7 Ketu 1,3,4,5,6,7 8,9,2
8 Saturn 1,3,5,6 2,7,9 4,8
9 Mars 1,3,5,6 2,7,9 4,8


Numerology Alphabet and Soul Number Table

Soul Numbers        Alphabets
1 A,I,J,Q,Y
2 B,K,R
3 C,G,L,S
4 D,M,T
5 E,H,N,X
6 U,V,W
7 O,Z
8 F,P



Lucky Name Numerology Calculator By Rajendra Kumar

The lucky name calculator is quite famous in the astrological world. As it tells the compatibility between the name and the birthdate. With the help of the luck calculator, you can know the searchability of your number. So all overall with this, anyone can get to know the real picture of their fortunate name. For this, you have to use your lucky number calculator. Do the comparison of your birthdate and the name numbers for the knowledge of your birthdate. This method can be helpful for you if you use your lucky number wisely

Name Birth details Calculate


 How to Change Name as per Numerology?

 To change the name as per the numerology is one of the things that can be defined to change the life actions in the real world. We can understand it by taking an example. Suppose your name is Ankush Singh but the astrologer will tell you to add one more ‘n’ in your name so it is obvious that it will do the complete change in your soul number also. As it affects the calculation of the total number in the ending. After adding the double ‘a’ in the “Ankush” it will be “Aankush”. Use this modified name for some days on social media and other documents that will change the destiny of your life if it goes right.


Numerology Name and Date of Birth Compatibility

The compatibility between the name and the birth date is the most important fact. In addition,The next factor is the name of the person if gets change but the energy that is represented by the birth name will be the same one. But the birth date of the person cannot be changed. Thus, the majority of the folks change their name to get the compatibility between their name and the birth date. However, the more compatibility in the name and the birth date can come out with little excitement and the feeling of accomplishment.

Finally to get the big change in your life try to change the name according to numerology.  Additionally, You can do this in the best manner with the help of our astrologer, Rajendra Kumar. He is the world-famous astrologer for the facility of the astrological services. On top of it, you will get genuine services at a reasonable price. So without any further delay contact us.


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