The prediction with regard to Profession and career is most difficult task for an Astrologer. Now days, there are number of professions and occupations and it is not easy to ascertain with any degree of accuracy the exact nature of profession. But proper and judicious analysis of Horoscope, astrologer can achieve the required degree of success.

There are 12 houses in the astrology. Out of 12 houses most important house for profession/career is 10th and 6th houses. Principally these two houses connected to career in astrology. The 10th House is the last strongest Kendra and Artha House. This house shows fruits of one’s higher studies because 2nd from 9th house. Kendra is power house of our horoscope. Artha means wealth and relates to resources. Generally People think 10th House is often associated with your profession only but it is much more than that. It also shows fame and Honours through our work in society.

Thus, we can state that this house is of an individual’s career, occupation, profession; honours, self respect, knowledge, dignity and father are also studied from this house. It is a significant house as it is a Upchaya house as well as Kendra (quadrant) house.

While studying results from the 10th house it is also necessary to study the 2nd house (wealth), 7th house (business partnerships) and the 11th house (income sources and gains) and 6th house of Competition. However, the different astrologers confer much importance to 10th house, its lord and 6th house of employment of competition. Several astrologers have a observation that in addition to bearing in mind the Lagana strength, we ought to considered the strength of Sun and Moon. It is said, if Sun and Moon have good strength in any horoscope, that kundli will be powerful to some extent.

Whilst judging the profession, we should not overlook to look into the placement of Mercury. Mercury is the Karka of intellectual, trading and well-read person. If Mercury is well placed in the Kundli, then person will be very learned person. If Mercury and Moon and week, then the native will have a lack of decision making.

Further, if there are too many malefic planets in 10th house, then possibility of up and down in the profession may arise.

Thus, the house, it’s lord and its placement, signification of the house, planets aspecting the house need to be analyzed in addition to the sign present in the house and it’s characteristics to arrive at the correct conclusion.

To some extent the following planets in the 10th house produce the following results in regard to occupation:-

Sun in 10th house

Government officers, Multi National Company jobs, Politicians, dealers in precious stones, gem dealers, administrative officers and ministers., Physicians and Medicines,

Moon in 10th house

Sailors and naval men, business of sea products, fisheries, transport business through waterways, maid servants and travelling business.

Mars in 10th house

Dealers in arms and weapons, manufacture of acids and explosives, police, military, security officers, surgeons, dealers in gunpowder and fireworks, workers who use sharp and pointed instruments, sportsmen, butchers, Real estate, Mechanic and criminal lawyers.

Mercury in 10th house

Accountants, cashiers, bank related jobs, authors, , astrologers, poets, astronomers, teachers and lecturers, Mathematics, general trading, printing press owners, finance related transactions, contractors, supervisors, postmen, communication related job, information technology, computers.

Jupiter in 10th house

Thinkers, philosophers, masters at science and scriputres, priests and, tutuors, monks, professors, ministers,

Venus in 10th house
Costume and ornaments dealers, cosmetics, actors, speakers, hotel owners, food business, men at bars, designers, models, gem sellers, confectioners, dealers of automobiles and vehicles, cinema, TV, cold storage and ice factory owners.

Saturn in 10th house

Mining, Oil dealers, spirits, wine and alcohol, shoe makers, dealers in wood and stone, herbs and medicines, placement agencies, servants, tea planters, service sector

Rahu (moon’s north node) in 10th house

Astronomers, space travellers, magicians, hypnotists, wine sellers, circus men, wireless workers.

Ketu (moon’s south node) in 10th house

Foreign trade, psychologists, occult, palmists, parapsychologists and sector controller by mar.

In addition to above, zodiac sign also plays an important roll for choosing profession. These are as under:.

Aries – Defense, Police, Surgeons, Doctors.

Taurus – Agriculture, Stationery jobs, Arts, Banks, Finance, Musicians, Actors, Real Estates, Lands, Dairy Products.
Gemini – Book Keeping, Publishing, Typing, Accounting, Mathematics, Communications, Photography, Xerox, Arbitrators, Brokers,
Cancer – Water Products, Dairy Products, Fisheries, Agriculture, Irrigation.
Leo – Politics, Government Officers, Physicians, Shares, Speculation, Gold trade, Forest Officers, Zoologists, Mountaineering.
Virgo – Public health, Textiles, Accounts, Audit, Engineering, Ports, Census.
Libra– Lawyers, Partnerships, Artists, Story writers, Theatre arts, Music, Cinema, Sales persons, Architects.
Scorpio – Insurance, Detectives, Beverages, Technology, Machinery, Boilers, Dams, Water Projects, Surgeons, Real Estates,.
Sagittarius – Teachers, Priests, Lawyers, Judges, Prophets, Religious Heads
Capricorn – Service, Labor, Agriculture, Oil trade, Mines, Minerals, Underground crops, Petroleum, Lubricants.
Aquarius – Aeronautics, Astronomy, Wireless electronics, Secret services.
Pisces – Navy, Oceanography, off-shore explorations, Shipping, Harbors, Aquariums, Submarines, Marine Engineering, Overseas trade.

Rajendra Sharma, Vedic Astrologer Expert

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