Now a days , love marriage is current topic for young generations. Number of questions, we are received from our young clients. I hereby mentioned, some combinations which are favourable for love marriage.

5th , 7th and 9th house has a great role for successful love marriage. Some of the combinations which I Have seen during the study of horoscopes are as under:

  1. Relationship between 5th and 7th house and their lords. 5th house is the house of romance, 7th house is house of partnership, therefore, relationship is favorable for love.
  2. Since Venus is considered most favorable planet for love and marriage and it is the Karka of intimacy and relationship- thus if 7th lord conjucted with venus or aspected by venus- gives opportunity for love marriage.
  3. Venus in 7th aspected by Mar
  4. If there is an exchange between Lagnesh and Saptmesh, then chances of love marriage are good.
  5. Venus in Lagna are also capable to give love marriage.
  6. Venus in 5th house indicate that the native has desire to surround himself with romance. Venus in 5th house – give strong yoga for marriage also.
  7. Venus-Mar shows that the person is interested in love and relationship. Similiary Moon and Venus is also good for love marriage.
  8. 5TH , 7TH AND 9TH RELATIONSHIP ALSO SHOWS love and relationship and may convertion of marriage.


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