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What is Nadi Dosh and its Remedies

What is Nadi Dosh and its Remedies – Nadi dosh is an ominous defect in the Kundli matchmaking of couples. If it exists and couples still marry, then it is said to be gloomy as it affects the next generation. The newborns would be weak or abnormal or there may be a possibility of no children at all. It may be said not to marry if couples have the same Nadi Dosh. But you don’t need to worry as Astrologer Rajinder Ji is one of the top trusted Nadi Dosh astrologers and has helped various people before and has found out certain remedies for Nadi Dosh.


Nadi Dosh and remedies

Our astrologer Rajinder Ji is one of the best Kundli matching astrologers in India. Nadi Dosh is the most dangerous and feared dosh in matchmaking and warnings should be taken carefully. In this blog, we are going to explain what is Nadi Dosh and its remedies, so read carefully as it might help you solve your problem.

What is Nadi Dosh in Astrology?

There is an aggregate of 36 Nadi that is determined while kundali matching. Out of which Nadi has accounted for 8 points. This implies that this dosha plays a critical part in matchmaking. Nadi Dosha is one of the eight Astha used to ascertain the similarity between the partners. It is determined by the Vedic Astrologists from the beginning during kundali matchmaking with the measure as such Nadi dosha is sufficiently powerful to cause numerous issues in married life. This Nadi dosha happens when the Nadi of two proposed partners turns out to be something similar.

Types of Nadi Dosh

Mainly there are three types of Nadi

  1. Vata or Adi –Hasta, Jyeshtha, Moola, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Ashwini, Aardra, Punarvasu, Uttara Phalguni,
  2. Pitta or Madhya –Chitra, Anuradha, Poorvaashadha, Dhanistha, Uttara Bhadrapada, Bharani, Mrigashira, Pushyami, Purva Phalguni,
  3. Kapha or Antya – Uttaraashadha, Shravani, Revati, Kritika, Rohini, Aaslesha, Magha, Swati, Vishakha.

It is said in our Hindu Astrology that the Nadis of two people who are thinking of marrying each other should not be the same as it can cause havoc in your life and you can not live together peacefully thereafter.

Effects of Nadi Dosh

Having this dosh in your Kundli is one of the ominous things, as it can destroy your life with each other. Let us discuss some of the aftermath effects of Nadi Dosh

  • Its presence can lead to unhealthy marriage and it can affect love and attraction between husband and wife.
  • There is a risk of serious injury or even death to one of the partners.
  • Health-related issues to even one of the partners.
  • The couple could face infertility issues or even if their kid is born it would be unhealthy or deemed abnormal.
  • There would be no kids at all, which is a major concern of most of the people who are having Nadi dosh in their Kundli.
  • Disputes and continuous fights even for a small argument.

These are some of the effects which are described, but there are some more which mainly happen due to the bad positioning of Nakshatras in your Kundli and it has been said that “like poles repel each other while unlike poles attract”. Many couples of today’s generation do not take these warning seriously and they marry their partner without any remedy so it could be a catastrophic decision if taken on own accord, so kindly consult a genuine and real astrologer like our astrologer Rajendra Ji.

Remedies for Narrowing the Effect of Nadi Dosh

Although it is very difficult to remove Nadi dosh from your Kundli there are positive remedies that can nullify its effect on your married life and you can live happily thereafter. Below are some of the remedies given by our astrologer Rajendra Ji.

  1. Before marrying each other, the bride should get married to Lord Vishnu, after that you can marry your proposed husband.
  2. Couples who are supposed to get married must enchant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to reduce the chances of sudden calamity.
  3. Both of the partners should help needy or poor Brahmin by donating them rice, clothes, or blanket, but remember it should be done with good intentions.
  4. Doing Nadi Dosh NIvarana pooja so that couple could live a happily married life.
  5. Donate gold or silver to Brahim and feed the food to cows and dogs.
  6. Wear a special talisman with sacred mantras inside it as it would reduce the effect of Nadi Dosh.

Why Choose Astrologer Rajendra Kumar for Nadi Dosh Removal?

Astrologer Rajendra Kumar is one of the best astrologers in India and his experience in Kundli matchmaking and other astrological remedies are exceptional. Rajendra Ji has a vast knowledge of astrology and has experience of over 20+ years. With his services before many couples have benefitted from Nadi Dosh and they still remember Rajendra Ji for his lifesaving remedies. So what are you waiting for as your problems can be solved through a simple phone call.

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