How to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology

How to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology – Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world a person can experience as it combines two hearts and joins them for a life in the union. But sometimes any difference or the third person getting in this relationship can break that beautiful bond dramatically. If you are also fighting the same kind of situation that is not letting you have a happy and peaceful life with your partner then seek answers in love astrology and get in touch with renowned love astrologer, Rajesh Kumar Sharma.

We have got a perfect blog for the people who are wondering How to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology. Love is a feeling which is never a constant in a person life it can be up and down depending on the person current emotion and situation but the interference of a third person in a relationship just reduce the chance of the couple getting back to track as every relationship has issues but it can be solved with time.

How to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology

Thus if you are also facing a problem where your spouse or partner is not responding to you due to another person in their life then we have got an excellent astrological solution for your problem.

Astrological Remedies to a Relationship from the Eye of Third Person

According to astrology, problems in relationships occur due to three planets. These are Mars, Mercury, and Moon but astrology gives simple solutions which are easy to perform. To have the best relationship with your partner try to do all the remedies with a clean and calm mind and have your goal clear while doing this solution.

Some of the remedies which can be used are:

  • Females should wash the floor of the house with salt water once every 7 days.
  • The girl should wear golden or yellow bangles to guarantee peace in the relationship.
  • Sweets and fruits should be given to God and then should be divided among elders in the house.
  • Cutting of nails should be withdrawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • Take seven almonds, three-piece of clove, and few grains of rice. Tie all of them together in a yellow cloth and throw them towards the house of in-laws. This will begin to peace between the families of husband and wife.

Relationship Problems Caused Due To Planet of the Native

Most of the time our planets play the important role in our life. A person can predict their life with the life of their birth chart and the placement of their planet. These planets are powerful have the power to rule or to destroy a native life according to their placement.

Here is the solution if you are having interference of third person problem due to planet placement:

  • If the obstacle is due to planet Saturn, water should be given to the Sun Lord to have understanding in a couple.
  • If the problem is due to Jupiter one should donate yellow-colored fruit items or things like turmeric, sweets, or cloth to poor people. Fast should be kept on Tuesdays.
  • If the problem is due to Mars, jaggery should be distributed on Tuesdays.
  • If the problem is due to Mercury, fresh food items like vegetables should be distributed.
  • If the problem is due to the Moon, then one should wear silver articles on their right hand.
  • If the problem is due to Venus, the rice should be distributed to the poor people. One must wear light fragrance perfume and a diamond ring also keeps flowers in your room.
  • If the problem is due to Sun, one must give wheat and jaggery to the poor and wear a Ruby ring on the left hand.

Every attempt should be made to have a peaceful connection between the couple despite any flaws in the horoscope or in any other way. Once a promise has been made both companions should try their best and give 100% to save their relationship.

Astrology Mantra to Solve Love Triangle Problems by Astrology

Goddess Druga Spell

Goddess Durga is known as the most powerful Hindu mother of the universe and who has unlimited love for all her offspring. It is said that without the help of the goddess Durga, nothing can be accomplished in life. This mantra to remove a third person from your relationship can help you to save your relationship with the help of Durga’s blessings.

Sit in front of a Durga sculpture in the morning and chant the following mantra to shield the house from the eye of the third person.

”aum mahaa-dhevyai cha vidmahe durgaayai cha dhimahe”

 Thanno dhevee prachodayath.”

“ओम् महा-धेव्यै चा विद्महे दुर्गायै चा धिमही”

“थन्नो धेवी प्रचोदयाथ।”

While chanting this spell keep the goal clear in your mind and recite this spell with a full concentration towards the goddess.

Mohini Mantra To Attract Your Lover Back to You


“ओम् नमोह भगवते सर्व लोकान मोहये मोहये स्वाहा”

While chanting this spell Keep 11 ghee lamps in presence of you and you should face the north region. You need to recite this mantra 1000 times using a sphatik rosary. You have to chant it continuously as it will generate a tremendous power to enchant or attract the person you want towards you.

“Aum namoh namoh Siddhi Mohini vashikaranam namoh namoh swahaa”

“ओम् नमोह नमोह सिद्धि मोहिनी वशीकरणं नमोह नमोह स्वाहा”

Chant this spell 1100 times daily in the morning using a rosary. Before starting the chanting, you have to take a bath and have to wear clean clothes.

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