Moon is planet that controls our mood, reputation, education, and relationships in many ways. Hence if mood swings and  Difficulty in education or you are away from your parents, then it moon which  is badly placed in horoscope. Here are some astrological tips for you to have stress free life.

Symptoms of Bad Moon

  1. Bad moon keeps you away from your mother in child-hood.
  2. Bad moon effects your education and brings hurdles in your educational way .
  3. Bad moon effects reputation in professional life.
  4. Bad moon may also bring vani-dosh like stammering.
  5. Bad moon effects personal life with spouse.
  6. Bad moon reduces prosperity.
  7. Bad moon creates blood pressure and palpitation issues.
  8. Bad moon brings in stressful life.
  9. Bad moon also effects prosperity of family.
  10. Bad moon makes you lazy and agitated.


  1. Wear silver chain with pendent of half moon.
  2. Wear silver ring in your middle finger.
  3. To improve your moon it is very important that you should keep good relations with your parents especially mother.
  4. To control your temper and rage wear moti in silver ring.
  5. Increase the intake of calcium moon can cause lot of emotional problems as well as physical problems like pains, migraines, tremors; pain in the neck, body and joints are some of the most common illnesses that a bad moon causes and these physical conditions are also reason of mental stress. It causes deficiency of calcium.
  6. Keep water stored in silver glass in your temple area over night and drink that water in  morning do this every day.
  7. Donate milk, sugar, rice to needy people  on Monday.
  8. Donate silver on Monday.
  9.  Increase use of coconut in your diet.
  10. Recite Shiva Chalisa every Friday.
  11. Offer milk to mother and father.
  12.  Feed jagery to cows.
  13. Chant om shram shrim shom sah chandray namah.
  14. Don’t wear Pearl, if Moon is in 6,8 and 12 houses.



Sun represents – soul. It also represents our bones and eyes. We know that Moon signify our mother, as well, Sun represents our Father. Sun represents government officers and our links with politicians and famous community

If Sun is under the malefic influence or with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn , then we’ll have to face a lot of problems concerned with a weak or malefic Sun. Some of the symptoms of a bad sun include:

1) Eyes Problems

2) Bones problems

3) Lack of self-belief

4) lack of respect from seniors

5) Relations with father or health problems to father.

At a glance on the horoscope, a good astrologer can conclude, which precise areas of life, will your malefic Sun affect the most.

In case if above mentioned problems caused by a malefic Sun, then it is  advised to perform following  remedies to improve the condition of Sun.

  • Get up early in the morning (at the time of Sunrise) and offer water to the Sun. Stand straight and raise your arms till the shoulder level to offer water to the Sun. If possible, try that the water that goes down enters in a tulsi plant.
  • At the time of Sunrise, stand infront of Sun and look at it for a few seconds and smile. Then close your eyes for a few seconds and keep smiling. Then open your eyes again and repeat the same process. Keep doing this process for about 10-15 minutes….


  • Recite Gayatri mantra or “Om aadityaya namah” or “Om suryaya namah” 11,21,51 or 108 times in the morning looking at the sun.
  • Wearing a small piece of the root of “Bael” or Bel Patra) tree in white thread in your neck, can help you get rid of health problems associated with the malefic position of Sun in your horoscope.
  • Serving and respecting your own FATHER or any other father-figure, is the most Natural and one of the BEST remedies to overcome the adverse effects of Sun in your life.

Remember, have patience and do the Mantra based remedies regularly for atleast 43  days, to see prominent positive effects.