What is the Right Career Choice According to Your Horoscope?

What is the Right Career Choice According to Your Horoscope? – Trying to find the right career for a person by Prediction the date of birth is a very traditional way in Astrology. We are already aware of the part where, if we do not choose a Suitable Career for our future then there will be many problems in our professional Life. As working in a field that is not your choice will never bring Success and Satisfaction Easily for you. So, today through this article we are going to discuss how astrological is important in the professional life of a person and going to discuss what is the Right Career Choice According to Your Horoscope?

Choosing the right career is not an easy task but with the help of proper horoscope reading a person can reach a great height in their career. The person’s professional life is divided into two categories according to astrology. First is selecting the Correct Career according to your Kundli or horoscope and the other in Success in Career which can be gained by using some astrological method.

What is the Right Career Choice According to Your Horoscope?

Role of Planets in Right Career Choice According to Astrology

The planets of our horoscope play an important role while choosing the right career path for us. Every person is born with its own destiny and their planets are the major traits that lead them in their life. The 10th house of the horoscope is known as the major house responsible for a person’s career choices thus in Career Prediction, the 10th house should be checked with Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn for better results and knowledge.

Roles of Planets in a person Horoscope

  • Sun represents the physical and mental health of a person. If they have a strong power of the sun in their 10th house then the success is in their favor and there is also a huge chance of government job.
  • Mercury house shows the power of Speech, intelligence, Expression, etc in a person. It also signifies the Nervous System of a native thus having this planet in the 10th house shows the person will be diplomatic and succeed in their career.
  • Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom and Wealth. Having a strong effect on this planet in your 10th house means the person will have a strong Bank Balance from their work or business.
  • Having the effect of Saturn in a person’s 10th house means they have the ability to do hard work and Perseverance. Saturn Rules the 10th house and Natural Signification of Profession.

To make a native career happy, these planets should not be debilitated or weak in the Navamsa of their horoscope. There should not be any debilitated, afflicted or enemy planet in the 10th house as having them means the person will not get the desired success, achievement, name, and fame.

Different Planets Indicated Different Career Option

As discussed above every planet have its own value and traits thus every planet help have their own significant job which is suitable for the native according to the horoscope. The only major factor which is considered while choosing the right career is that the role that planet plays in their 10th house.

Here is the list of planets and jobs whish suit them;

  • Sun: Having the strong effect of sun means the person can choose to go in Medicine, Administrative Work, Govt Job, chemist, Politics, etc
  • Moon: The moon planet guide the native towards the job like Hotel Management, Navy, Shipping corporation, Human Resource, Nursing, Govt Job, Social Service, etc
  • Mars: having Mars means the person is determined in their job thus the best option are Police, Army, Surgeon, Cost Accountant, Engineering, etc.
  • Mercury: Represents having money-related jobs such as Banking Sector, Any kind of Financial Sector, Journalism, Editors, Lawyer, and Marketing, etc.
  • Jupiter: Usually the person is found to have lots of knowledge thus the best option for them are Teaching, Lectureship, Judge, Spiritual Guru, Trainer, Public Speaking, Public Relationship, etc.
  • Saturn: Can go to the jobs which are easy to deal such as Steel and Iron Industry, Business Management, Low profile Job, Mining, etc.
  • Venus: Have the taste of creativity in them thus the best option for them are Music, Art, Painting, Designing, Acting, Any kind of Creative work, Medicine, etc
  • Ketu: Always found to do some kind of researcher and finding new ways of business thus they can opt for Research-Oriented work, Pharma or Medicine, Electronics or Computer Engineering, etc

Kundli or Horoscope Reading for Career Prediction

Reading our birth chart help an astrologer to find out about our future and provide better solutions for the fault problems. If the placement of our 10th house is not right or not compatible with their lord then having a successful or right career choice seems a difficult job. While studying our horoscope the placement of the Sun in the 10th house and the relation with its lord is checked to predict the native right career choice.

Factors that determine the role of 10th house for career:

  • If the 10th house is weak, then the success and desired job will be a difficult job.
  • If the 10th lord is conjunct with malefic planets such as the 6th, 8th, or the 12th lord, then growth in the profession cannot be possible.
  • The influence of the 6th, 8th, and 12th Lord in Your Profession creates ups and downs in business.
  • If the 12th lord is placed in the 10th house, then it will create chances to for job in your desire location maybe in foreign as well.
  • If the lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th house are exalted then it will create Vipreet Rajyoga and offer the native will great success, but after a lot of hard work.
  • Having the 6th lord associated with the 10th house or its lord, then there is a huge possibility of a job in High-rank professions.
  • The planet Venus in 10th house is considered good as it helps in making a person have reputed Public relation officer job.