Donald Trump becomes the US President in November 2016. Now, process of election of next President is Going on.  Though there are many persons, contesting the election but the most important contest is between Shri Trump and Joe Biden. So I will discuss both of the horoscope in brief.

Sun and Mar is most important Planet for politics, fame and recognition.  Saturn is a planet of masses, Jupiter rules Minister .

In 2016 ,  Donald Trump was able to reach this post, because of Sun in 10th house, Mar in Lagna, Jupiter aspect on 10th house, Placement of Rahu in 10th house, Moon aspect on 10th house and Transit at the time of election. But in the meantime, due to some combinations of Sun-Rahu, Moon-Ketu makes him always in controversy.

Now again he is in election race.

 At present Jupiter-Saturn – Mar dasha is going on from 10th September 2020 to 3rd November 2020 and Jupiter -Saturn-Rahu dasha from 3.11.2020 to 22nd march  2021, which are not favourable. In the Pratyanter Dasha of Mar and A.D of Saturn, is not a good period.  If we the the Ashtakvarga point of Saturn it is only 2 points which are not good. The same position is from 3rd November 2020 to  2021. Moreover , Saturn , who is a planet of masses are placed in 12th house- house of separation. It is also the lordship of 6th and 7th which is not much favourable. Transit of Saturn is also aspecting 12th house which confirm this aspect.

So, I can say in view of planetary combination, the period is not much favourable for winning the election. Since it will be a very very strong and tough contest and both the person horoscopes have some similiarily, if he won, I think he won- that will be on marginal basis .

 JOE BIDEN  20.11.42  , 8.30 USA

 At a glance on the above horoscope of Joe Biden, it is observed that Jupiter is exalted in 9th house and in D-9 and D-10 chart, it is also Vargottam. Thus Jupiter dasha is excellent for him. Rahu placement in 10th house is good for Political activities. In Ashtakvarga, Jupiter has 7 points and in 10th and 11th house has also 26 and  35 points each. In D-9 chart, Sun is in gain house and in D-10 chart it is also in gain house. At present Jupiter-Rahu-Jupiter dasha is going on. Jupiter is exalted and Transiting in second house  which is favourable  and Saturn transit  in 3rd house which is also good. Thus, on going through both the horoscopes, no doubt  Joi biden horoscope is stronger than Donald trump but even then I can say it will be very margin cases for both.


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