India has a Tradition that Marriage should be celebrated at a proper time. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to trace correct match for the natives. It is the native’s horoscope who will reveal any complexity due to afflictions caused by planets.
In a Horoscope, seventh house signifies native’s spouse or wedded life. Seventh house describes so many stages about native marital life. The following are the combinations which are responsible for delay or troubled marriage life.

  • Saturn is known for delaying any work, so if it has any type of relation with the 7th house (placement, aspect or conjugates) than it is considered as a major reason. Saturn in the 7th house indicates delayed marriage or more than one marriage. But as per my experience, Placement of Saturn in 7th House with good aspects, Native may get married with Matured and Intelligent boy/girl. They may live separately due to their jobs. If Saturn in own sign/Mool Trikona Sign/exalted sign, then it will be fine, otherwise marriage settled with some efforts. However, in these cases it is recommended marriage after 28 years.
  • Ascendant should be free from malefic effects.
  • Marriage may be delayed if Venus and Jupiter is weak in Natives Horoscope.
  • There is Malefic Planets Like Saturn, Mar, Rahu and Ketu in 7th house.
  • The aspects of Malefic Planets on 7th house may also be the reason of Delay in Marriage.
  • The lord of seventh house is weak i.e. debilitate, retrograde or combust or in old stage.
  • Seventh House is vacant and not aspected by any planet.
  • Saturn and Mars have a combined influence on the seventh house.
  • 7th lord or house is under the influence of Rahu or Ketu.
  • If Seventh lord is in 6th, 8th or 12th houses, in addition to delay in marriage, problem in marriage life may arise.