For Good Married life 7th house and its lord should be auspicious.
Melefics in 7th house and 7th lord placement in trick houses -gives difference of opinion with the wife.
When Moon is week with malefic like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mar, the person will be week in mind and fearful. When Moon will be in Trik house, it will also effect and make the person emotional.
Aspect of Jupiter is always beneficials.
11th house is the house where benefic and melefic planets give good results.
10th house is Karamasthan- The planet like Mar, Sun gives capacity for leadership and prosperity and gain authority.
Mercury in 10th house – gives academic achievements, fame and respect.
Jupiter in 10th house gives high honour and positions and fame.
Venus in 10th house gives gain from women, taste of beauty and recognition.
A horoscope may have good yoga, but if proper dasha has not come- good yoga rarely gives result.
The best place for benefics is Kendras and Trikonas
The melefic in Kendra unless they are exalted or in their own houses become strong to give troubles in life.
The best place of Melefic is 3,6,11 houses.
D-1 Chart is the soul of all chart.
Kal Sarpa Dosha is a myth. I have seen many such people who are leading very good life.
If you are peforming Sharad- Pitra Dosha is good remedies. Otherwise there is no Pitra dosha. No parents can curse to their children.
Sun-Rahu, Jupiter-Rahu Dasha can give trouble to native.
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